Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Washington DC wedding very close to my heart.

  Well it has certainly been a while since my last post. To say the least I have been quite busy not only with Cake I Do weddings but helping my oldest daughter plan her wedding. It was such a beautiful day!
  After being in the wedding industry for years I thought I knew just about everything there was to know about planning a wedding. It was a very educational experience for me. I just loved every moment of it.
     I believe that the key to having the perfect wedding is not the dollar amount spent but knowing where to spend the money. A beautiful venue, good food/cake, nice flowers, a great DJ, wonderful photographer/video person an last but certainly not least an amazing coordinator.
     My professional advice to anyone planning a wedding,  Research your vendors, ask questions, use referrals, stay organized and enjoy the process.I would like to thank our amazing vendors for making this day perfect for our family. you were all WONDERFUL!

Carnegie Institute of science
Rex & Regina           Teresa Lee
Design Cuisine         Sarah Gallo   
Freed photography   Pablo
Blue Sky Films        Martin
Petals and promises Lisa Sommer
Shewsical entertainment   Matt Shew